9 Reasons why you don’t* want to go to V festival

August 9, 2017
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9 Reasons why you don’t* want to go to V festival

Just look at that, absolutely miserable. Wouldn’t you much rather be at home stalking your ex on Facebook at 3am.

Here are 10 Reasons you definitely don’t* want to go to V Festival this year…

1, Because who want’s to stay up all night partying with their best mates? Certainly not us!

2, And the Line-up is absolutely terrible. Not one major name on there…

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The primary school around the corner has a better lineup for their summer fate tbh.

3, The camping is terrible, some might say inhabitable…

Wish we were chilling by the lake right now! #VWeston #VStyle #VIP #VFestival 💙☀️😊

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4, Nobody wants to experience those moments that they’ll never forget.

Bastille 💜

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5, And there’s nowhere to really enjoy the music…

6, Not a weekend you’ll want to remember forever…

7, Memories? What memories?

We'll try our best to fake it.

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8, Put your hands up if your Not* having fun…

My hero… @ollyyears

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9, It just looks so terrible…

Pretty amazing picture of @vfestival last weekend! #vfest #festival

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If you don’t* want to go to V Festival as much as us, grab your tickets here.

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