Above And Beyond Tells us the Key to the Perfect DJ Set

October 27, 2017
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Above And Beyond Tells us the Key to the Perfect DJ Set

Above and Beyond are one of the biggest names in Dance music. They’ve been in the DJ Mag Top 100 since 2004, landing a place in the top 30 in last weeks results.

On Saturday 18th October, the trio made history: they became the first British DJs to headline New York’s legendary Madison Square Garden.

We spoke to two thirds of the Iconic Threesome backstage at Creamfields this summer about their legendary career as the ‘fathers’ of the dance music we hear today.



So right now we are backstage at Creamfields with Above and Beyond. How are you guys doing?
Very good thank you.


You’re about to play the mega stage this evening. How you guys feeling about it?
Very Excited. We always love playing here, because the audience are always crazy basically.

And with any UK festival we always look at what the weather’s gonna be like, and Creamfields is normally pretty wet, but this year it’s dry just a bit cold so you know.

Normally it ‘mudfields’ this year isn’t it.

Currently just freezing cold grass out here.


And of course you guys recently released your latest track ‘My Own Hymn’. What’s the reaction to that been like?
I think that particular track has been in the works for like about a year and a half so it’s just really exciting to finally be able to play it out and it’s been going down great with our fans so we’re looking forward to playing it tonight.


And of course you guys are known for having some killer DJ sets. What makes a good DJ set?
For me, i’d say not doing one thing all night long. I think it’s possible to have some success at particular sound or style. But for me, It should be a bit more of an eclectic set, not just covering one kind of groove all night long. And you’ve got to keep the variety, keep things interesting.


Talking about your music, what is your favourite track to play live, which gets the best reaction?
Well I don’t know of one of my personal favourites that we’ve been playing a lot recently is Grum – Shout. I love the original, and then to have Grum’s version of it feel so modern at the same time we’ve been playing it everywhere.


And one of your own tracks?

It’s always nice to play the big songs that people know and sing along to, that’s always enjoyable. But I think it’s always your latest track that’s the most exciting. We’ve got a couple new tracks that we are super excited to play tonight. But yeah, playing a track fresh out of the studio is always super exciting. You get to see people’s reactions, and it’s always great to hear your track through a huge sound system for the first time, and it often gives you an idea of what to tweak when you go back into the studio.


Now in a matter of minutes you’ll be taking to the stage at Creamfields, what’s usually going on for you now, what’s running through your mind?  

Just waking up really cause we’re a bit jet lagged.

We tend to just take it easy before the gig so that we can save a burst of energy for a hour and a half show. We often get people before the show asking if we’re alright because we look quite tired, and then they see us onstage and are quite surprised to see us jumping about with so much adrenaline.


Do you find that you get super tired after a set or still buzzing from the adrenaline rush?
It depends really. Sometimes we just crash afterwards, other times you feel too wild and can’t sleep, that’s a classic DJ problem I think.

Yeah and you have to pick your moments. I was talking to our tour manager who looks very very tired right now, and they were up in Ibiza until sunrise and then some. So you know it you just have to pick your moments, but I think Ibiza is obviously one of the greatest places to stay up late.


Above and Beyond, Thanks for talking to us.
Our pleasure.


Listen to ‘My Own Hymn’ Now:

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