What Went Down at the AMAs Last Night – And What It Means For EDM

November 20, 2017
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What Went Down at the AMAs Last Night –  And What It Means For EDM

Last night hosted the AMAs, Americas biggest Music awards show. Among the stars nominated for awards were The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris and DJ Snake. The Chainsmokers being the only Dance act to be nominated for an award outside of the ‘Favourite Artist – Electronic Dance Music’ category.

The Chainsmokers came out on top this year, nominated for five total awards including ‘Artist of the Year’ and ‘Favourite Song – Pop/Rock’. Leaving with the Award for ‘Best Electronic Artist’ coming out above DJ Snake and Calvin Harris.

Now let’s not put a downer on the awards, but I was surprised to see hardly any Producers appear in the nominees list. Including that only one EDM artist were nominated for an award outside of the EDM Category. Right when we thought EDM may be starting to become a mainstream genre, it seems that Dance music is more unpopular than it has ever been.

Now some may say that’s a great thing. Many ‘EDM Heads’ aren’t fans of The Chainsmokers due to their cross between mainstream and dance. So maybe we prefer to be hidden outside of the limelight, but recent study’s have shown that the EDM Audience is growing faster than ever, more so than Pop music.

So yes, I was disappointed to see that only one EDM Artist appeared outside of the EDM Catagory, but at the same time, we got an EDM Duo into ‘Artist of the Year’,  ‘Favourite Song – Pop/Rock’ and ‘Collaboration of the Year’. Just look at the performers from last night, including Zedd, Alesso and Marshmello, I think it’s safe to say that EDM is stronger than ever and it’s only going to grow.


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