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Peking Duk talk ‘Let You Down’ & London Shows

December 13, 2017
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Peking Duk talk ‘Let You Down’ & London Shows

Australian duo Peking Duk are one of the hottest dance acts at the moment, with hits including Fake Magic, Stranger, Higher and their latest release Let You Down. This week they are in the UK performing at London’s iconic KOKO.

Peking Duk’s latest track ‘Let You Down’ features American pop duo Icona Pop to create a fusion of vocal driven pop and a classic dance anthem.

“We bumped into them a year ago at Northbound studios in Stockholm, so we’ve had them in the back of our mind since then. We made the track here in London, on Pete Townshend’s boat which he uses as a studio on the Thames. We booked it for the week and we made a few songs on there, Let you down being one of them.

In fact the intro to Let you down features a squeaking door, it was the first thing we heard when we stepped onto the boat, so straight away we recorded it and it started off the song.”


We caught up with the duo last night at their first show this week at The Garage in Highbury:

So run me through the story of Peking Duk, how did you guys come together?

“We met in a skate park in Canberra, our home town. We were maybe 13 or 14, and I say Adam with this girl that I was dating, just a good ice breaker and we hung out that day. Then we met again at a party a few years later, so we were bound to become friends or hate each other, so we became best mates.

And we were both doing a bit of music, Reuben was in a band that was doing really well and I was just fucking around working on Hip-hop that wasn’t really going anywhere. We had this friend who showed us loads of club music, and there’s this really good club in Canberra called Mock 33 and it was there that we fell in love with fidget house – We’d never heard music like that so we tried to imitate it and copy that exact sound.

We spend a few years locked away in our bedrooms watching YouTube tutorials and learning how to make a decent track. Then from there we did branch off to the sound that we have now.”

There isn’t a huge presence from the Aussies in EDM at the moment, it’s rare to hear of an Australian producer in the industry – What’s that like representing your country?

“Flume really paved the way for a lot of people in Australia to give producing a go. And if it wasn’t for him, I don’t think we’d be here. We were producing a lot of 128bpm music and he showed us that we can experiment and try something new.”

You guys are doing something that is quite rare in dance music, you perform your own music completely live. What made you decide to do that?

“We’ve been DJing for 8 years now and we just want to push things forward. And it’s a lot of work if you do things backwards like we did, dissecting a track and learning how we can play it live and make it special. I was a lot of work, but it’s been worth it.

It just makes sense with the music that we are creating right now, it’s so much more meaningful for someone to see us in a band then behind some decks, especially with our new stuff that we are yet to release.”

You’ve travelled all around the world together, where is your favourite place to visit?

“Stockholm is probably one of our favourite cities to just hangout and have fun in, we were in Shanghai last week and that was sick. But London has a very special place in our hearts because so much of our music came from here, Let you down and Wasted were both created and recorded here. All our best Sh*t has been done here, maybe it’s something in the water.”

So this Friday you are performing at one of London’s most famous venues KOKO, how are you guys feeling in the run up to that?

“We’re so stoked to play KOKO Because, we have one of the best nights of our lives at KOKO. When we were in London last time we saw Mr Scrub play and it was actually one of the best nights we’ve ever had in London.

We never dreamed that we could play there, and then when we released the tickets they were sold out within the day which is incredible.”

With 2018 just around the corner, what have you guys got planned for the new year?

“So our next single ‘Wasted’ is coming out mid January which features both of our singing. And we’ll hopefully be getting an album out around March or April. Yeah, a lot more music, live shows and definitely more stops through Europe.”


You can Catch Peking Duk at London’s KOKO this Friday, and checkout their latest release ‘Let You Down’ here.


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