Some Nightclub just banned CDJs – WHAT?

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A Berlin Nightclub just banned both CDJ’s and Turntables from it’s premises, taking away the industry standard for all DJ’s performing there.

Liquid Sky Berlin announced its plans to break the standard in a very unconventional way. A spokesperson for the club said “We are pleased to inform you that Liquid Sky Berlin does not represent ordinary DJ culture”.

Many clubs ban controllers, makes sense. But in a turn to re-spark creativity in the DJ booth, they have announced that CDJ’s and turntables are now banned.

Although the club makes this change not as a shot to the EDM industry, but plan to spark creativity using “other formats, unique styles, different thinking, alternative tastes, and emerging uses of both newer and older technology.”

Tapeplayers, short wave radios, Nintendo gameboys, PlayStation trackers, modular synths, computers, smartphones and tablets are all listed as acceptable methods to DJ with, so besides vinyl and CDJs, the sky is literally the limit.

Will we see other nightclubs following suit? Do you like the idea? Leave your thoughts in the comments…

If you don’t believe us, just read the full statement here.

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