9 Reasons why you don’t* want to go to V festival

EDM AuthorityJust look at that, absolutely miserable. Wouldn’t you much rather be at home stalking your ex on Facebook at 3am.

Here are 10 Reasons you definitely don’t* want to go to V Festival this year…

1, Because who want’s to stay up all night partying with their best mates? Certainly not us!

BORED of the cold weather xx roll on summer plZ xx

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2, And the Line-up is absolutely terrible. Not one major name on there…

V Festival EDM Authority

The primary school around the corner has a better lineup for their summer fate tbh.

3, The camping is terrible, some might say inhabitable…

4, Nobody wants to experience those moments that they’ll never forget.

Bastille 💜

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5, And there’s nowhere to really enjoy the music…

6, Not a weekend you’ll want to remember forever…

7, Memories? What memories?

We'll try our best to fake it.

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8, Put your hands up if your Not* having fun…

My hero… @ollyyears

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9, It just looks so terrible…

If you don’t* want to go to V Festival as much as us, grab your tickets here.

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