Avicii Documentary ‘True Stories’ – The Story of a superstar DJ’s struggles with fame, mental health & early retirement

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Avicii (AKA. Tim Bergling) is one of the worlds most successful producers and DJ’s on the globe, and following his sudden decision last year to quit doing live shows came as a complete shock to his fans and the industry. Now, Levan Tsikurishvili has a documentary film unvarnished truth behind the success of Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter and artist Avicii. The film will premiere worldwide on October 26th, and available for that night only.

Director Levan Tsikurishvili presents Avicii’s story with Fly-on-the-wall footage and interviews, including appearances from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Chic’s Nile Rodgers, David Guetta and Wyclef Jean. The film traces the DJ’s life from his beginnings, all the way to the joy of his success, from his chart-topping global radio hits and subsequent struggles with his physical and mental health.

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In the trailer for the Doc (above) we see the life of Avicii, incredibly talented and being the superstar DJ that his music has brought to him. But we also see the life of Tim, the life behind the all the fame. And as Tim admits during a radio interview, he was overwhelmed by the sudden fame and attention that it brought him. “I don’t really like being the centre of attention,” he says. “That’s the thing, that’s what makes it so weird.”

Tsikurishvili followed the DJ for over four years to create True Stories, aiming to create a “brutally honest” film about Tim Bergling, the real man behind the title Avicii. And it shows the stresses that the life brings with it. Many people see these EDM superstars and wishes to be them, but the story of Tim Bergling proves that life as a producer and DJ is hardly as glamorous as it seems. It puts a reality onto the industry, and maybe not the reality that people would like to acknowledge.

Screenings of Avicii: True Stories will be followed by a 30-minute concert film documenting Avicii’s final show in Ibiza August 26, 2016. Search for your nearest screening, and buy tickets over at aviciitruestories.film.

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