Avicii: True Stories – The Story of one mans worldwide fame, and battle with mental health

October 21, 2017
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Avicii: True Stories – The Story of one mans worldwide fame, and battle with mental health

We’ve written about Tim Bergling’s latest documentary Avicii: True Stories a lot by now. With the cinema release just around the corner, I was lucky enough to get an early glimpse at a private screening during ADE. The feature length documentary shows the life of Tim Bergling (AKA Avicii), we see the moments before Tim’s fame, and how his life changed after gaining superstar fame amongst the Dance Music scene.

As someone who has worked within the EDM industry for a long time now, I’ve seen firsthand the effects that fame and success can ruin someones life, however this documentary was a true insight into the mind of someone who is living out the life of millions of people. Chances are if you’re reading this, like me you once dreamed of being the next Tiesto, Hardwell or Martin Garrix, living their lifestyle touring the world. This film is a huge reality check to anyone who’s dreamed about fame, and for someone like Tim Bergling, fame is the last of this mans dreams.

The documentary starts with Tim trying out new beats, shot on his camera as we see some of his childhood friends talk about his addiction to music, working endlessly to find his own sound. Laidback Luke tells of his experience with Avicii as he receives multiple demos a week and as his remixes gain popularity across the club scene, Tim prepares to release the track that will change his life.

Months later the now titled ‘Avicii’ is living off the fame from his first big release Levels. Securing a record deal in excess of $400,000 with his new manager Ash.

We are then shown glimpses of Tim’s new life. The highs and the lows, his medical troubles and battle against depression. The film takes us trough the whole journey of ‘Avicii’. And we start to see his struggles effecting him more and more as he cancels hundreds of shows and takes time off to get back to his old self.

In a moment that made the whole audience gasp in the cinema, we see Tim writing the infamous ‘note’ as shared across Tim’s social media depicting his decision to stop touring and only work on music. He explains that he want’s the message out as soon as possible because he wants to ‘put and end to it all’.

In the build up to Tim’s last show as Avicii at Ushuaia Ibiza, we see his anxiety start to come out again as he gets nervous, but also excited to be taking to the stage one last time. And we see Avicii take the last steps on stage to play an amazing set, closing his legendary touring career.

Following the documentary is a screening of Avicii’s last ever show at Ushuaia Ibiza, playing his ultimate classics including Waiting for love, Levels, Hey Brother and more.

Avicii: True Stories is an eye-opening and amazing story of one of the most talented musicians of our time. It has to be said, this has to be my favourite film of all time, there’s moments that make you laugh, tear up and experience emotions that I have only felt a few times in my life. You may think that is a massive exaggeration, but I urge you to buy a ticket and watch the film for yourself, whether you are into music or dance yourself. It’s a humbling story that shows us that even the biggest artists in the world have issues, and we are all human when it comes down to it.

Iv’e already decided that I will be going to see Avicii: True Stories in the cinemas again, I decided that before I even left the cinema. Buy your tickets for the one night only screening on the 26th October here. 

Relive some of Avicii’s musical highlights on his Spotify playlist:


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