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A vital part of becoming a successful producer is getting you music heard. One way to do just that is by getting featured on a music blog.

We receive hundreds of submissions every day, more then we could listen to. It’s hard getting blogs to recognise you, the majority of the time it’s just a battle to stand out to these blogs.

So how do you make your submission stand out? We’ve compiled a few tips and tricks to putting yourself above the rest.

1 – Build your contacts
Before you even think about submitting music, make sure you have the right contacts. Research every blog your submitting to. Don’t waste your time messaging blogs with your links via social media, trust me – nobody actually listens to those.

Most music blogs will have a Submissions Page, make sure you get the correct email. You can also search up the company on LinkedIn or check their team page to find emails of writers & editors, sending your music to a specific person is sure to increase the chances of getting attention.

2 – Content is KING
It’s easy to waffle in an email. You need to grab the readers attention, keep them interested with your track and then supply a backstory. Structure your emails like this:

Intro – Say hi and state what you are emailing them for. Try to keep this under 3 lines
Link to your Music – Only give them one link to a specific track, not a profile.
Display stats – Show them you have a following. Include links to your social media.
Artist & Track info – Tell them a little about yourself and the track. Keep it brief.

The most underrated part of an email is it’s subject. It’s the first thing we read, a great subject will intrigue us while a bad one will turn us away. Just list the track title and your name. A subject in block capitals is a great way to catch their eye.

3 – Be personal
You wouldn’t believe the amount of emails that we get with the generic ‘I love your platform, and it would be my dream to be featured’ – it’s obvious that your just sending the same email to several different blogs. And especially make sure you don’t CC them all in to the same email.

Be friendly. Start each email with “Hey [Name of writer], How are you?” – Those are the emails that get our attention.

4 – Use A PR Company?
There are two types of email ‘submissions’ we receive. #1 directly from up-and-coming artists & press releases from PR Companies. Which do you think we are going to listen to first? Using a PR company will instantly boost your ‘listenerbility’.

Here’s the sad truth – Blogs make money through advertising, to earn money they need a lot of readers. Because of this, blogs will often put bigger artists before smaller, less known ones as a means to attract readers. That’s not the case for all blogs, us for example don’t make money from those ads but from other means, so we can focus on the content.

You need to break that barrier to gain the attention you deserve.

5 – Offer them something in return
No, that doesn’t mean bribing anyone. Send outlets unreleased music. Upload your track to a service like Soundcloud, set it to private and send the link out to blogs. Offer to do an interview with them for an ‘Artist profile’.

By offering to provide them exclusive access to you. Not only will outlets respect you more, but you get more focus from their community. Playing at a festival? Offer to do a Snapchat takeover. (This tip only really works for artists that already have some sort of following).

6 – Timing is everything
Here’s a secret into the life of a writer, we get emails ALL THE TIME. However there are days that we are a lot more busy then others. You want to aim to hit them with your perfect submission right as their at their quietest.

Avoid submitting music at the beginning of the month, that’s our busiest time. Wait a week or so before submitting your track. Music generally gets released on Fridays, so avoid sending music then, we’ll never see it. Try sending music earlier on in the week, Tuesdays are typically our quietest days – Send music then.

7 – Don’t Spam
Don’t be emailing new music every week. If nobody replies to your submission, give it time before you try again. We know when somebody has been spamming us with emails, and often they get blocked as spam.

Don’t send the same track twice. If nobody contacts you, wait a month or so and send another track. If you speak to someone, always send your music to them. But again, don’t spam them.

8 – Make their life easy
We often create articles straight from a press release or submission. Make their job of writing about you easy. After your track, talk about your music, any shows, yourself, stats etc. Do this in a third person, it means that writers can copy and paste straight from your email.

Attach some hi-quality images of you and your artwork – 2 of you and 1 of the artwork. Make sure you like them as they’re the ones that will be posted.

So there is our tips to sending the perfect pitch email. Follow those steps and you’ll be putting yourself well above the rest.

And while we’re on the subject, why not submit your music to us? You can do that here:



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