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In an interview with Alesso, the producer and superstar DJ revealed to us that he is currently working on some new music with American producer Diplo.

The duo recently played a exclusive B2B set at Ushuaia, Ibiza in August, and are often seen poking fun at each other on Social media. When asked about their friendship, the Swedish DJ and producer replied “Diplo and I are good friends, we’ve known each other for like three years now and we definitely have the same thinking in music and try to create new concepts together.”

When we then asked if the two were working on any music together Alesso was quick to reply “Yes, we are. But I can’t say anymore than that”. When we then asked if he could give us the initials of the track he replied “Not now, too soon”.

So we can only imagine the clash of American and European dance from the two Producers. But in the meantime, read our whole interview with Alesso below.



Hey Alesso, I know you’ve been ill the last few days. How are you feeling now?
Good finally. Thank you.

Now this is not your first time at Creamfields, what’s it like playing here?
It’s one of those festivals I think every DJ in Europe is looking forward to. It’s at the end of the summer and it’s just the perfect way to end it all off. Plus it’s great for the crowd as they see all the DJ’s chill out as it’s getting to the end of summer.

Is there a certain song that you find is particularly popular to perform over here in the UK?
Under control with Calvin Harris, they love that song here.

Now Fairly recently you released falling and of course the remixes to that. How do you feel the the reactions from your fans have been?
Good and different you know, it’s definitely a slower type of song. And I’ve got so many new songs that I still haven’t released yet, they’re just waiting for the right date for the release and everything so I’m super excited for that to come out this fall.

It’s quite a different sound compared to your previous tracks. Is this a new sound for Alesso?
I’m just trying to develop my sound and really try to be as creative as possible. for me it’s easy to just go and do the same thing that I have been for the last four or five years. But I always want to challenge myself and be inspired, and also work with new people that think in a different way and try out different kinds of genres, and hopefully bring something new to my music.

Now you recently dropped ‘move like that’ on soundcloud, which is available as a free download. What made you want to release this as a free release for your fans?
Well I did that song because I needed a rave record for my sets that no one else was playing. So i’ve been playing it since Ultra Miami and the fun thing is with that record, it starts at 125 and goes up to 140 BPM so it gets progressively faster towards the end and makes it really easy to shift BPM smoothly.

But yes, I didn’t want people to think that this is the direction I’m going now or anything so that’s why I put it up for free, so no one could mistake it for a single or anything. So it’s just a fun record you know and I would rather put it out there for free then just keep it to myself and have people constantly asking for the release.

And you’ve been super busy this Summer going back and forth between Ibiza. Plus you recently went B2B with Diplo at Ushuaia. How did that come about?
Well Diplo and I are good friends, we’ve known each other for like three years now and we definitely have the same thinking in music and try to create new concepts. Plus he comes from the whole American urban culture while I come from Europe. And when you combine that with his sound, especially in Ibiza, we create something unique I think. We did it two years ago and it was a huge success so we did it again now and it was just unbelievable, so you know he’s definitely pushing the boundaries every time and every time we release music and I really respect that.

And both your sets are very energetic, so for you to mix together is something special
Yeah, it’s tricky. The first time we did it he just played before me and I finished the night, but this time he would play a track, then I’d mix into my own and so on for forty minutes or so. And that’s when we really thought how do we make this work and give that Americans/Europe feeling and so we went through it the day before and I think we crushed it.

Now are you working on any new music with him?
Yes, we are. But I can’t say anymore than that.

So what can we expect from you in the near future? Obviously you mentioned a new track with Diplo…
Yeah, A lot of new music, more shows and I’m just gonna keep it going and I think people will be surprised by the music that comes up. It’s going to be very different.

Well Alesso, it’s been great chatting to you. I’m sure I’ll see you soon.
Perfect, thank you so much.

Listen to Alesso’s latest track “Let Me Go” with Hailee Steinfeld below:



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