Conro talks producing ‘Like you love me’ & working with STMPD

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Canadian DJ and Producer Conro is on fire at the moment, releasing some of the hottest tracks of 2017 and is fast approaching Super-star DJ level.

Conro made his debut on Monstercat with his song “On My Way Up” kicking off his Producer Career. His feel good sounds and mix of Trap, Future Bass and Electro House make for some amazing music.

We sat down with Conro to find out more about the rising talent.

Hey Conro, So 2017 has been a huge year for you. What’s been the highlight so far?

Thanks! I think the highlight of this year has been playing and being a part of EDC, I have never been and it blew me away! It was such a wild ride, the festival was insane and Vegas was such a cool place. I’m definitely going back as soon as I can!

Now your latest track ‘Like you love me’ is a Huge track – run us through the producing process with Disero

Well we both live in the same city, we ran into each other through friends at a bar and we started talking about music. We ended up meeting up later that week and he showed me some original music of his and I was instantly a fan! We sat down together and hashed out the song relatively quick, both of our styles infused in the final project. I loved working on it, as well Alice crushed the vocals on this. We definitely all worked hard on this, and I think it turned out great!

You are responsible for some huge dance tracks, but which one is your favourite?

I think one of my favourite tracks has been, ‘On My Way Up’. It was such a turning point for my career, I will always hold that song in high regard, it means a lot to me.

Describe your producing and DJ style in one sentence

Producing – tickle your eardrums with strong melodies and positive vibes.

DJ’ing – Just having a good time with the audience, dancing and laughing.

So you’ve worked with STMPD – one of the most interesting labels out there at the moment. How did you grow to work with STMPD and what was it like?

I reached out to them last year with a couple records, and Martin responded quite positively on them. He really liked ‘Like You Love Me’ and wanted to sign it. We kept talking and met up at ADE where I played the STPMD label showcase. Now playing in Ibiza with Martin and continuing to grow

and work together. Look forward to continuing to work with STMPD and see what we can make happen in the future!

Also, you’ve played at some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world – including EDC, Tomorrowland and Ushuaia Ibiza. Yet from your social media we see you also spend a lot of time out having fun with other artists – How do you manage your time?

Managing time can be difficult at times, with all the music projects on the go along side touring. But whenever I get the chance to sneak out and chill with friends or spend time at the beach with my dog, it’s always priority! I am working hard now so later I can spend time sitting in my future dream

home and sitting by my dream pool! Haha, perhaps someday! As for now just working hard on getting the music heard!

Conro @ ADE 2016

How has it been supporting the likes of Martin Garrix in the past, and also playing your own sets around the world. Do you enjoy travelling? What’s been the best moment?

I love playing my music around the world! It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I’m absolutely grateful to get these opportunities. I enjoy travelling when I arrive to the destination, but sometimes the 10hr flights can be a little difficult, but worth it always! Some of the funnest shows so far have been my latest China tour, the crowds were insane. We all had so much fun together.

What’s the biggest challenge for you while on tour?

On my last tour, I survived 4 full days without sleep. Haha, I don’t know how I made it but I somehow lived to tell the tale, when I finally got a bed, I don’t think I’ve been that happy in a long time haha!

So when you’re not making music or playing a set, what are you usually listening to?

I have my personal Spotify account, and on there I listen to lots of indie alternative music like – Alt-J , Milky Chance, Kings Of Leon, Local Natives , Foals, The Black Keys. I can always listen to these guys, any point of the day.

What’s planned for your year ahead, and is there anywhere we can be expecting to see you play at in the UK anytime soon?

I’m not 100% sure at this point, although I know me and the team have been talking about setting some things up in the UK as soon as we can!

Well Conro, Thanks for talking to us – If people want to check out your music, where’s the best place to find it?

Spotify is probably the best place to stay updated with my music and my fave music that I’m listening to as well! But if you’d like to listen on as well as and to always stay updated on new releases and my nonsense, always something interesting!

Thanks so much for your time as well! appreciate the support 🙂



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