Marvin Humes talks new music, family & Ibiza shows

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After hitting the big time as a vocalist, Marvin Humes is swapping the microphone for the Decks as he launches his career as a Producer and DJ.

Marvin gained a place in the charts with 2 of his tracks while apart of DJ trio ‘LuvBug’. Now, Marvin is working on his own solo material as Ibiza season approaches.

We spoke to the DJ and Producer following his set at We Are FSTVL about his career plans for the near future.


Firstly, you have previously mentioned that you started to get into DJ’ing as a teenager, what got you interested in playing music and mixing?
I started DJ’ing as a teenager through going to parties with my Dad who was a DJ. For the past three of four years I’ve been going to clubs thinking “I want to get that buzz back.” I bought some CDJs and started getting back on track with my promos and music.

Now many people will know you from your years of being a vocalist. What made you shift from being a singer to producer and DJ?
I’ve been singing all my life and my band new I wanted to be a part of music, just not singing anymore. It’s about making music based on the experiences I’ve listened to in clubs, such as house and general electronic music. I’ve met a lot of producers along the way and when I met JKAY, I suggested the three of us make music as LuvBug. I don’t miss the singing aspect of my career because I still get that same buzz from DJing live – I love performing. It was a refreshing change for me that keeps me in the music industry, just not singing.

And we have to talk about LuvBug. What was the idea behind it? And how did the trio come about with The White N3rd and JKAY?
It was a collective idea of three different brains coming together rather than just one. I’ve worked with Scott and John (The White N3rd and JKAY) over the years and when you’re in the studio it’s natural to vibe with certain people better than others. You just know how you work with people and I always found I had the same ideas as these two with the idea of LuvBug. We did a lot of remixes and original songs for a couple of years which went really well. LuvBug still exists and I still work with John and Scott but they’re doing their own thing these days. The journey has been amazing.

You’ve also played at some major clubs and festivals including Ushuaia, Ibiza Rocks and more recently We Are FSTVL. What’s it like gigging and playing alongside some other huge artists? Do you get much family time outside of producing and travelling to shows?
It’s about having balance. Last weekend I had three gigs – in Essex, Leicester and London so it was pretty busy. They’ll be some weekends where I don’t have any gigs so you take it as it comes. I do my radio show at night and during the day I’ll be in the studio working on some edits etc. I’m very fortunate with my work life balance, it doesn’t feel like work to me.

Currently you’re working on your own Solo material, what can we be expecting from you in the near future?
They’ll be some new music coming out very soon. I’m working on a track with Alex Adair which is tribal and tropical sounding. It’s a summer tune and I’m happy how it slotted in perfectly when I played it in Ibiza recently. There’s another tune I’ve working on with A-Minor which is a bit darker, more techy-sounding which I played at Pacha Ibiza the other night. It went down well and the material I’ve got lined up is exciting. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do, playing my own music in my sets and I’m looking forward to people hearing the material soon.

When it comes to writing new music, what inspires you? Do you have a set way of coming up with ideas and getting them onto a track?
I would say most of the time my inspiration comes from Ibiza. From the clubs, the pool parties, the events – when you come back to the studio with just four walls and screens you have to put your mind in a different place. It’s important to imagine you’re in that main room playing that big tune you’ve produced and ultimately think what you want that track to sound like. My inspiration comes from my live shows and when you’re coming up with new ideas in the studio, it all naturally comes together from a certain feeling which is hard to describe.

What do you do in the lead up to a gig? What usually features on your rider?
I guess I’ve always got my laptop out before my shows thinking about what sort of records I want to play. I wouldn’t really say that’s a ritual though, more prep. My rider is usually a bottle of vodka, a towel and some mixers.



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