LZRD Drop Remix of The Chainsmokers’ “Sick Boy”

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LZRD dropped their remix of The Chainsmokers’ latest single ‘Sick Boy’ this afternoon. Teasing the release over the last week, LZRD took to social media to announce their first release as a duo.

LZRD Recently came into the limelight after their remix of Rihanna’s Desperado along with Ship Wrek which was listed in the top 7 Rihanna remixes of all time by Billboard, and accumulated over 1 Million streams on Soundcloud alone.


Along with the track, LZRD shared a message with their fans on Soundcloud:

“Thanks so much to @thechainsmokers for giving us the opportunity to remix their new song, ‘Sick Boy’! This is our first release as a duo and we can’t wait for you guys to grow with us and to hear what we have in the works! Cheers
-Keen & Tom”

Listen to ‘Sick Boy’ – LZRD Remix below:

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