Laidback Luke responds to arrest of ex-wife Gina Turner

January 9, 2018
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Laidback Luke responds to arrest of ex-wife Gina Turner

Following the arrest of DJ Gina Turner on Saturday, many people have been asking her ex-husband Laidback Luke about his opinions of her arrest.

Luke’s ex-wife Gina Turner was arrested while boarding Holy Ship! on Sunday evening on one count of possession of cocaine and two counts of possession of other undisclosed controlled substances without a prescription, both of which have now been dropped as the charges against her are invalid.

Turner was scheduled to play on Holy Ship! where She’s long been a “fitness” DJ who teaches classes on the ship such as yoga. In a deleted tweet, Gina said she’ll be back in time for Holy Ship! 11.0.

Luke’s response to the whole situation has been as gentlemanly as ever, he took to twitter to share his thoughts.

“It’s none of my business, out of my hands. We have a child together and that continues to be my priority. I wish, and pray, only good things for Gina!”


If only more of the artists in this industry were more like Luke.

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