What Would Diplo Do? – Our new favourite TV Show


Viceland’s latest show ‘What would Diplo do?’ premiered last night (well, 3am GMT to be precise). Although not available in the UK, here’s our round up of what went down. Plus we *may* know how you can watch it too.

What would Diplo do? is a mockumentary series taking some of the crazy EDM culture and putting it into one hilarious series, and it couldn’t be more accurate. Created and written by Brandon Dermer and James Van Der Beek (who plays Diplo), the show also features Dillon Francis, playing a member of the Mad decent club. Diplo also put forward episode ideas, and as you can see in the first episode, features real life incidents that have happened to the 38 year old.


Episode one titled ‘The Beef’ features Diplo taking a terminally ill boy on the day out of his life, while planning a show that night, and also dictating the savage insults between himself and Calvin Harris. And it turns out the kid he’d been taking around all day wasn’t even the right guy.

The episode is filled with inside jokes and obvious stabs at artists, and is incredibly witty. If your a know it all about the EDM business, you’ll find this series gut-bustingly funny. But it’s probably not the series to watch with your non-edm friends and family.

Played by the part of a dumb mad decent club member called Jasper, Dillon Francis’ character is unbelievably realistic and plays that one guy who always tries to be cooler than he is. Constantly trying to keep up with Diplo, but always falling over his own feet, Dillon is hilarious and could so easily fit into your group of festival goers.

‘What would Diplo do?’ is the perfect comedy for any edm fan, and even if you aren’t a fan of Diplo, it’s a great watch and is the perfect show for the industry. Watch the series below.

If you are in the US Click here to watch on Viceland. If you are outside of the US Click here.


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